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Callaway Golf Clubs - Big Bertha Fusion Fairway - #7 Wood - 21.0...

Callaway Golf Clubs - Big Bertha Fusion Fairway - #7 Wood - 21.0º - Shaft: UST Recoil ES 450 Graphite - Flex:Regular - Fusion Technology For Maximum Forgiveness - Innovative Shaping For Forgiveness & Power - Face Cup For High Ball Speeds - Buy Custom Fitted Clubs at No Extra Charge - Free Shipping to all of Europe
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BIG BERTHS FUSION Fairway Wood - A new Level of Forgiveness.

By combining industry-leading, multi-material technologies, the Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Wood reaches a whole new level of forgiveness; And more forgiveness means straighter flight and greater accuracy on off-center hits. It all starts with Callaway’s new triaxial carbon crown and sole that is ultra-light and ultra-strong. This carbon crown is constructed by weaving strands together, rather than just layering sheets of carbon. The result is a stronger and lighter crown, which allows the weight to be moved to the perimeter and farther away from the face for improved launch and greater distance.

Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Woods reach a new level of forgiveness by fusing our industry-leading, multi-material technologies into one club. And more forgiveness means straighter flight on mis-hits with longer distance. By applying an extremely high MOI design and head shape, golfers will increase the quality and accuracy of their off-centre hits. The crown is composed of an ultra-light, ultra-strong triaxial carbon material and weighs in at just 5.8g. Remarkably, this crown is 78% lighter than a typical steel crown, which allows us to position weight in strategic areas of the head to optimise the centre of gravity and increase MOI. And the Hyper Speed Face Cup promotes dramatically higher ball speeds all across the face, leading to more distance at every impact location. 



Maximum Forgiveness from Fusion Technology


Big Bertha Fusion pairs our ultra-light triaxial carbon crown, that’s 78% lighter than a typical steel crown, with a steel body. The fusion of these materials allowed Callaway engineers to position substantially more weight in the perimeter and far back from the face compared to our previous fairway woods, resulting in higher launch and more forgiveness. 



Forgiveness and Power From A New Shape


The triaxial carbon gives us the ability to break previous tradeoffs regarding head shape, allowing us to create an appealing new shape with extremely high MOI. The new shape also gave us new options in acoustic engineering, with more freedom to evoke an especially satisfying sound and feel.


High Ball Speeds From Our Face Cup


We’re serious about giving golfers the most distance in a fairway wood, which is why we’ve put in our industry-leading Hyper Speed Face Cup. It’s designed for high speeds that make the ball fly farther on centre hits and off-centre hits.


Two High Performance Stock Shaft Options


  1. UST’s first ever Recoil driver shaft is designed to load energy on the downswing and unload with an extraordinary combination of power and precision through impact.
  2. Mitsubishi’s Diamana Red shaft combines a firm midsection and active tip to promote high launch, low spin and fast ball speed, and to make it easier to hit a distance-enhancing draw.



Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Wood Features:

  • Fusion Technology: Fuses our ultra-light triaxial carbon crown (78% lighter) with a steel body,creating forgiveness that promotes straighter and longer shots.
  • Innovative Shaping For Forgiveness & Power: The triaxial carbon makes it possible to reposition weight for improved launch and distance.
  • Face Cup For High Ball Speeds:Callaway have put in our industry-leading Hyper Speed Face Cup for high speeds on centre hits and off-centre hits.
  • Fusion Fairway Options: #3 Wood 15°,  #5 Wood 18°, #7 Wood 21°
  • Shaft: UST Recoil ES 440 Graphite, UST Recoil ES 450 Graphite, Mitsubishi Diamana (Red) M+ 60 Graphite Shaft
  • Grip: Multi Compound Platinum/Black
  • Headcover Included: Yes
  • Wrench Included: Yes
  • 1-Year Guarantee


Big Bertha Fusion Additional Shaft Offerings (No Upcharge)

  • Aldila Alpha 60/70
  • Aldila Tour Green/Blue
  • Grafalloy Project X HZRDUS Black/Yellow
  • Fujikura Speeder 6.2 Tour Spec
  • Fujikura Speeder 661/665/765
  • Fujikura Speeder Pro 63/73
  • GDI Tour AD DI 6/7
  • Matrix 6/7 X3 White Tie
  • Matrix Ozik 75M4 Black Tie
  • Matrix Ozik 65Q4 Red Tie
  • Matrix Ozik 55X4 White Tie
  • Matrix Velox SP 6
  • Mitsubishi Bassara '16
  • Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue
  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black Tini 50
  • Oban Devotion 6
  • Oban Kiyoshi purple 65
  • UST Recoil ES 440/450
***** Big Bertha Fusion Fairway 3D View ******
eep, undercut, high-speed cavity back design for longer,
higher, straighter shots.
• Forged S20c carbon steel body for superior feel.
• NexCOR face, constructed of SAE 8655 steel, delivers faster
ball speeds across the face.
• Progressive sole design for a clean address profile and optimum
performance through the turf.
• High-frequency X3X grooves for enhanced spin control
and shot-to-shot consistency.
• Lightweight Nippon N.S. PRO 950GH steel shaft.
• New Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 60g graphite shaft. (ASIA Spec)
#3 Fairway 15° 57.5° 178cc R/H-L/H 43.0" D2
#5 Fairway 18° 58.0° 160cc R/H-L/H 42.5" D2
#7 Fairway 21° 58.5° 149cc R/H-L/H 42.0" D2
Head Cover Included with Fairway
 Shaft Manufacturer Flex Weight Torque Kickpoint
  UST Recoil ES 440 Graphite
  UST Recoil ES 440 Graphite (A) Lite 46g High Low
  UST Recoil ES 440 Graphite Regular 47g High Low
 UST Recoil ES 450 Graphite
 UST Recoil ES 450 Graphite (A) Lite 53g Mid-High Low-Mid
 UST Recoil ES 450 Graphite Regular 56g Mid-High Low-Mid
 UST Recoil ES 450 Graphite Stiff 58g Mid-High Low-Mid
 Mitsubishi Diamana (Red)M+ 60 Graphite
 Mitsubishi Diamana (Red)M+ 60 Graphite Regular 55g Mid-High Mid
Mitsubishi Diamana (Red)M+ 60 Graphite Stiff 58g Mid-High Mid
 Mitsubishi Diamana (Red)M+ 60 Graphite X-Stiff 60g Mid Mid
 New Decade Multicompound Platinum/Black callaway-standard-grip
 New Decade Multicompound Platinum/Black  Standard Grip  .600"  58g Round
 Buy Custom Fitted Clubs at No Extra Charge
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