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2019 Ping Golf Clubs - PING G Driver & Fairway Wood

2019 Ping Golf Clubs - Gents G Driver & Fairway Wood - High Launch and Optimized Spin, Dragon Fly Technology - The PING G-Series Drivers Feature a Faster Head Design Which Reduces Drag Up To 37% and Increases Carry Distance Up To 4 Yards - Conforms to R&A & USGA Regulations - Free Shipping to all of Europe - Buy Made To Measure Custom Fitted Golf Clubs at No Extra Charge!

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Inspired by an approach called biomimicry, PING engineers analyzed the dragonfly’s intricate wing pattern to design ultra-thin crown sections for extreme CG and maximized MOI. Dragonfly Technology, Vortec Technology, turbulators and a strong T9S face created our longest, most forgiving driver ever. Available in three models to fit your preferred trajectory.



In keeping with the Ping Europe Ltd policy on internet sales of their hardware and equipment, we are unable to sell hardware
through the JustShopOK internet site. However we are still able to take telephone orders on +44(0)1534 483252 as this allows
us to give you our expert advice on Ping's many custom fit options.

Driver - Long and Straight

The new Ping G driver features revolutionary Dragon Fly technology on the crown creating a striking look at address and saving weight, allowing the club to launch the ball higher and be more forgiving on off-centre hits. Changes to the turbulators as well as the addition of Vortec technology on the rear of the clubhead reduces aerodynamic drag for increased clubhead speed. The Dragon Fly Technology inspired by the wings of the said insect captured on camera by CEO John Solheim and sent to his designers whilst on holiday, these maintain a strong structure using beams to support the rest of the wing. Ping's designershave taken this theory into titanium and what you can see is the beams supporting five sections of thinner material on the crown. Underneath this on the inside is another lattice you can't see that does the same job. The result is a titanium crown that is just 0.43mm thick in places, well below the 0.5mm minimum that was previously thought possible. This saves 8g of weight which is then moved to the sole to move the Centre of Gravity (CG) 1.2mm lower and 1.6mm deeper than in the G30. The drop in CG height of the G is a bigger change from the G30 than between the G30 and G25 and keeps Ping's CG position as the lowest and deepest amongst the major manufacturers. This not only makes the club more forgiving, but also enables you to play a little less loft as the deeper CG launches the ball more easily. Having less loft creates a little more ball speed, so if you are between loft settings then it is probably going to be best to loft down rather than up.
The back of the head features a new aerodynamic feature called the Vortec which acts like the spoiler on the back of an articulated lorry. This smoothes the airflow as it leaves the head and reduces friction turbulence meaning that the designers can gain extra club head speed at 'no cost' to the weight or design of the club. The weight saving from the crown, the lighter 8-1-1 Titanium chassis and the various fins mean that the footprint of the head can be a little larger overall and a little more rounded than the G30. Combined with the Dragon Fly design on the back of the crown it does make it look a lot better at address too. The performance advantage over G30 in terms of speed is going to be marginal as one of Ping's professionals was only gaining 1mph ball speed on a 115mph driver swing speed and he de-lofted his club by 0.25°. If you have an older Ping driver then you could notice a bigger jump as Ping say the aerodynamics of the G driver at 460cc are equivalent to G25 at 197cc. Therefore you are getting more forgiveness from a larger head for the same speed through the air. This is where the new G driver design makes the difference as the larger head with a higher MOI of 5412 g/cm2 means more forgiveness at a higher speed.
The new Alta shaft designed by Ping has a tip 0.025 inches narrower at 0.325 inches to make it more aerodynamic. It also features their traditionally higher kick point to enable them to have a slightly heavier head to help with the forgiveness. This does not make for a heavier club as the whole thing tips the scales at around 310 grams. As well as the better looks, the Ping G driver also feels and sounds better than the G30 with a much richer sound that is not as harsh. The flight was medium-high and just the right level of penetration once you had been fitted for the right initial loft, which can then be adjusted up or down 0.6° or 1° using the adjustable hosel.
To fine-tune your launch conditions prior to a round, adjust the loft up to ±1° using Trajectory Tuning 2.0, which utilizes a lightweight, aerodynamically efficient and high-strength 7075 aluminum hosel sleeve. G drivers are available in three models to fit your desired trajectory: G Standard, G SF Tec (Straight-Flight Technology), and G LS Tec (Low-Spin Technology).

Ping G Driver Technology

  • Faster Design Speed: generating aerodynamics reduce drag 37% and increase carry distance 3-4 yards.
  • Longer, More Forgiving: This T9S face and CG optimization deliver faster ball speeds, more forgiveness and more consistency.
  • Faster Clubhead and Ball Speeds: Turbulator Technology, VorTec and face/crown transition combine for more efficient airflow.
  • VorTec Technology: Minimizes wake turbulence for faster clubhead speed and stabilization.
  • Dragonfly Technology: Ultra-thin crown sections save 8 grams of weight to optimize CG and MOI.
  • T9S Titanium Face: Thinner, hotter for max deflection and distance.
  • Trajectory Tuning: 5-lobe hosel sleeve allows +/- 1° of loft adjustment.
  • Lowest, Deepest CG & Highest MOI: PING’s longest, straightest driver delivers forgiveness and consistency.
  • Alta High-Balance-Point Shaft: Gives more energy, momentum and inertia which means longer, straighter shots.

PING G Driver Options - Driver's That Fit All Golfers!

  • Ping G Driver - A Driver for All Golfers that can be optimized to desired launch conditions and ball flight:
  • G (High Launch and Optimized Spin - Dragon Fly technology)
  • G LS TEC (Low Spin) Tec - Low, Stable Spin; Forgiving (average of 350 rpms less )
  • G SF TEC (Straight Flight) Tec - Right-to-left shot bend (average of 9 yards fade correction - engineered to improve shot bend)
PING Driver Distance Flex Chart

To get the most distance from your driver you must optimize the launch angle and spin rate of the ball by selecting the proper loft and shaft flex for your swing speed. Generally, golfers with slower swing speeds require more-lofted drivers and more-flexible shafts to achieve the proper launch conditions. Conversely, golfers with faster swing speeds generally require lower-lofted drivers and firmer shafts.

Ping G Driver - Standard Shaft Options
 ALTA 55 - Graphite Shaft
 ALTA 55 - Graphite Shaft  Soft Regular  5.9°   53g  High
 ALTA 55 - Graphite Shaft  Regular  5.0°  55g  Mid High
 ALTA 55 - Graphite Shaft  Stiff  4.9°  59g  Mid
 ALTA 55 - Graphite Shaft  X-Stiff  4.2°  63g  Low Mid
 Ping Tour 65 Graphite Shaft ping tfc 189 graphite-shaft
 Ping Tour 65 Graphite Shaft  Regular  4.3°  57g   Mid
 Ping Tour 65 Graphite Shaft  Stiff  3.4°  61g  Low Mid
 Ping Tour 65 Graphite Shaft  X-Stiff  3.2°  66g Low
Ping Tour 80 Graphite Shaft ping cfs
 Ping Tour 80 Graphite Shaft  Regular  3.3°  68g  Mid
 Ping Tour 80 Graphite Shaft  Stiff  2.9°  75g  Low Mid
 Ping Tour 80 Graphite Shaft  X-Stiff  2.8°  80g  Low
Ping G Driver Standard Grip Options
PING 5L taylormade-speedblad grip
PING 5L   .600" 47.5g Ribbed
PING 5L Cord taylormade-speedblad grip
PING 5L Cord   .600" 47.5g Ribbed
Ping G Driver Specifications
 Loft Length Lie Offset Flex Dexterity Head Size Head Weight Swing Weight
 9.0° 45.75" 58.00° .No  S/R, R, S, XS RH/LH 460cc 206.0g D3
 10.5° 45.75" 58.00°° .No S/R, R, S, XS RH/LH 460cc 206.0g D3


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