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Cleveland Golf Clubs - Launcher XL 270 Gents Driver

2012 Cleveland Golf Clubs Launcher XL 270 Gents DriverEX- DEMO - Condition: (***** Okey). Free Shipping to all of Europe. Buy Made To Measure Custom Fitted Golf Clubs at No Extra Charge!...
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The Cleveland Launcher XL270 Driver: The Launcher XL270 is among the lightest drivers in golf – powered by the lightest shaft ever played on the PGA tour, the Miyazaki C. Kua 39 series. This means it’s engineered for maximum head speed, but its traditionally-weighted 460cc clubhead also provides amazing forgiveness. The 270 is also available in a Draw version, with heel biased weighting and a slightly closed face for slice reduction. Players who have tested either version of the XL270 have experienced a real “Wow factor” due to the effortless distance achieved.



cleveland-launcher-info-1.jpg cleveland-launcher-info-2.jpg

Right Weight Fitting System The LAUNCHER Ultralite Series consists of 3 weights - 310g, 290g, and 270g - each model engineered for unique performance and feel. The Right Weight fitting system finds the right driver for every player, maximizing distance gains and overall playability.


Launcher Ultralite Technology Weight has been removed from the club without sacrificing swingweight or flex profile. Lighter and longer golf clubs produce faster head speed for more ball speed and greater distance.


Miyazaki C.Kua Ultralite Shaft Each ultralite model is paired with an authentic, ultra-premium Miyazaki Tour/Aftermarket C. Kua shaft. A True Tour Ultralite(TM), the C. Kua series delivers tour-proven flex profiles in an ultralite package. The Miyazaki C.Kua series shaft pushes speed and distance to a new level. Featuring True Tour Ultralite technology, the new C.Kua series reduces the total weight of your driver while preserving the swingweight and flex profile, providing an increase in head speed without a loss of feel or playability.



   Cleveland Launcher XL270 Driver Specs          
 Club / Loft  9.0 deg  10.5 deg  12.0 deg
 Head Size 460cc 460cc 460cc
 Weight Grams 270g  270g 270g
 46.25"  46.25"   46.25"
 Swing Weight  D6   D6   D6
 Stock Flex A, R, S A, R, S A, R, S
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