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Nike Golf Clubs - VR_S STR8-Fit Gents Left Hand Driver - 10.5 Deg...

Nike Golf Clubs VR_S STR8-Fit Gents Left Hand Driver - 10.5 Degree - Shaft: Graphite Design 60 - Stiff Flex - Conforms to R&A & USGA Regulations - Free Shipping to all of Europe

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 Nike VR S STR8-Fit Drivers
Nike VR S STR8-Fit Driver Features
  • 460cc Head Size
  • Larger Face and Deeper design for maximum forgiveness
  • NexCOR Face Technology for greater ball speed off the face
  • Aerodynamically Engineered Head Design for Greater Swing Velocity
  • Nike Fubuki K shaft in A Lite, Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff and Women's Flex's
  • Str8-Fit Adjustable Launch Angle System
  • NexCOR infinity design creates Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Hot-Faces
  • Adjustable Wrench Supplied
  • Headcover Supplied
The tour-inspired and award winning Nike VR_S Driver features a bigger clubhead, a deeper face and exclusive 'NexCOR' face technology, all to produce more speed at impact for greater distance. All this power is harnessed by Nike's new STR8-FIT adjustable hosel for supreme adjustability and accuracy.
Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal Winner:- "The face shows earnest improvement we can document. We also like the more manageable adjustable features and the widest array of lofts in the game."..."A small change with the wrench was really effective."..."Good head shape and face depth."
Every single area of the Nike VR_S driver has been designed for speed - more of it! Powerful 'NexCOR' face technology, a super-slippery aerodynamic head, new and improved STR8-FIT face adjustability and a state-of-the-art Fubuki graphite shaft have all been included as standard in the relentless pursuit of speed and distance!
Nike's amazing 'NexCOR' technology features in the face of the VR_S driver and uses a multi-thickness design, where the face is thickest in the middle and gets thinner towards the perimeter. This extra speed at impact resulting in more distance on your drives and a longer walk from the tee!The 460cc Titanium head has been aerodynamically sculpted to glide through the air with the least possible resistance, therefore delivering more of your power and upto 2mph more clubhead speed at impact.
The new, improved and slimline STR8-Fit hosel can be adjusted with the simple twist of a specially designed wrench to create 8 different head positions, across a 4 degree range, so you can either correct your slice or hook or just perfect your favourite shot shape. Named after the Japanese word for blizzard, the famous Mitsubishi Rayon 'Fubuki' graphite shaft now comes with a Power 'Ninja' Core to transfer even more energy to the clubhead. Fitted to each Nike VR_S driver, this shaft delivers the very best in distance, consistency and accuracy.
Nike Fubuki K
Nike Fubuki K - Flex A Lite - Weight 53.5g 
Nike Fubuki K - Flex Regular - Weight 55.5g
Nike Fubuki K - Flex Stiff - Weight 57.0g
Nike Fubuki K - Flex X-Stiff - Weight 59.0g
 Nike Fubuki K - Flex Women's - Weight 48.0g
Nike Tour Velvet 360
 Club Hand Loft Length Lie Angle Volume Face Angle Head Weight Swing Weight
 8.5° RH 8.5° 45.75" 57.5° 460cc +1.0° Open 203.5g  D4-D6
 9.5° RH/LH 9.5° 45.75" 58.5° 460cc +1.0° Open 203.5g   D4-D6
 10.5° RH/LH 10.5° 45.75" 59.5° 460cc +1.0° Open
 11.5° RH 11.5° 45.75" 60.0° 460cc +1.0° Open 203.5g  D4-D6
 HL RH 13.5° 45.75" 60.0° 460cc +0.5° Open 203.5g  D4-D6
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