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Ping Golf Clubs - i25 Hybrid Utility Woods

Ping Golf Clubs - Gents i25 Hybrid Utility Woods - Conforms to R&A & USGA Regulations. Free Shipping to all of Europe. Buy Made To Measure Custom Fitted Golf Clubs at No Extra Charge!

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In keeping with the Ping Europe Ltd policy on internet sales of their hardware and equipment, we are unable to sell hardware
through the JustShopOK internet site. However we are still able to take telephone orders on +44(0)1534 483252 as this allows
us to give you our expert advice on Ping's many custom fit options.

The i25 Hybrid with forward hosel axis & high ball launch

The compact i25 hybrids have a forward hosel axis that launches the ball high. They have far less bulge and roll than a traditional hybrid, and their straighter lead edge makes them easier to aim and control. A compressed profile and shorter heel-toe length improve turf interaction and ensure solid contact from all conditions. Progressive CG locations help optimize trajectories for maximum distance with functional distance gapping.

Flatter Bulge and Roll: The i25 hybrids have much less bulge and roll than a traditional hybrid to enhance shot making. The straighter lead edge and more squared-off toe promote accurate aim and alignment.

Compact Head: The narrow head profile and shorter heel-toe length improve turf interaction and ensure solid contact from any type of lie.
Forward Hosel: A more-forward hosel axis promotes a higher-launching, lower-spinning trajectory that optimizes distance. It also creates a confidence-inspiring captured appearance with the ball at address.
Progessive CG Locations: A farther-back CG in the lower-lofted hybrids promotes higher launch. A lower, more forward CG in the higher-lofted heads reduces spin. This optimizes each clubhead to achieve the ideal trajectory for maximizing distance throughout the set.


To get the most distance from your Hybrid wood, you must optimize the launch angle and spin rate of the ball by selecting the proper loft and the shaft flex for your swing speed. Generally, golfers with slower swing speeds require more lofted hybrid woods and more flexible shafts to achieve the proper launch conditions. Conversely, golfers with faster swing speeds generally require lower lofted hybrids and firmer shafts.



A trained fitter can help you get the most out of each drive by observing the ball flight of shots hit with different loft and shaft specifications, and recommending the combination that creates the best trajectory shape for maximum distance. To find out which hybrid lofts and shaft flexes might be suggested for your swing get Web-Fit.

 PWR 80 ping pwr80    
 PWR 80  Regular  3.1°  76g  Mid
 PWR 80  Stiff  3.1°  77g  Low Mid
 PWR 80  Tour Stiff  3.1°  80g  Low
 PWR 90 ping pwr90    
 PWR 90  Stiff  2.8°  85g  Mid
 PWR 90  Tour Stiff  2.7°  88g  Low Mid
 PWR 90  Tour X-Stiff  2.7°  90g  Low
Ping i25 Hybrid Utility Wood Specifications
 Club Loft Length Lie Flex Equivalent Iron Equivalent Fairway Swing Weight
 17° 17.0° 40.75" 57.50° L, SR, R, S, XS 2 5 D1
 19° 12.0° 40.25" 58.00° L, SR, R, S, XS 3 7 D1
 22° 22.0° 39.75" 59.00 L, SR, R, S, XS 4 9 D1
 26° 26.0° 39.25" 59.50° L, SR, R, S, XS 5 None D1
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