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Ping i25 SW - Free Shipping to all of Europe

Ping Golf Clubs - Ping i25 SW - Conform to R&A & USGA Regulations. Free Shipping to all of Europe

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In keeping with the Ping Europe Ltd policy on internet sales of their hardware and equipment, we are unable to sell hardware
through the JustShopOK internet site. However we are still able to take telephone orders on +44(0)1534 483252 as this allows
us to give you our expert advice on Ping's many custom fit options.

Engineered for a variety of players with technology

that provides distance, versatility and forgiveness, i25 irons inspire confident shot making. They offer a progressive set design where each iron has a specific function with regard to the center of gravity, the bounce and the offset. A machined face and grooves deliver consistency in the 17-4 stainless steel head. The foggy chrome finish and clean cavity design create visual appeal.

i25 Irons engineered for a variety of skill levels, this progressive set design gives each iron a specific function with regard to CG, bounce and offset. Highly forgiving long irons and controlled short irons will bring confidence to your shot making

The 17-4 stainless steel irons deliver forgiveness

and distance with control to inspire confident shot making. In the progressive set design, the long irons are designed with head sizes and sole widths that deliver high trajectory and extreme forgiveness. The more compact mid and short irons have narrow soles and less offset for enhanced accuracy and scoring.

Narrow face-stabilizing bars in the long irons increase ball velocity for added distance and height while wider bars in the short irons produce a controlled, lower ball flight with softer feel. The careful design details in the club’s shape and set progression are captured with an inspiring foggy chrome finish. Tungsten weighting in the low toe increases forgiveness. A machined face and grooves deliver control and consistency.

PING offers a variety of shaft flexes

in steel and graphite to meet every golfer's needs and preferences. Selecting the proper shaft flex for your swing will help you get the most distance and accuracy from every shot. Generally, players with faster swing speeds require stiffer shafts to keep the ball trajectory lower, while players with slower swing speeds will require more flexible shafts to produce a higher ball trajectory.

The choice of Steel or Graphite

The choice of steel or graphite shafts is usually based on preferences for weight and/or feel. Players seeking a lighter overall weight and/or a softer feel in their irons may prefer graphite shafts, while players who prefer a standard weight club with a firmer feel may prefer steel shafts.

 CFS - Steel Shaft ping cfs
 CFS - Steel Shaft  Soft Regular  2.2°  94g   Mid High
 CFS - Steel Shaft  Regular  2.1°  99g  Mid
 CFS - Steel Shaft  Stiff  1.8°  109g  Mid
 CFS - Steel Shaft  X-Stiff  1.6°  114g  Low Mid
 TFC 189I - Graphite Shaft ping tfc 189 graphite-shaft
 TFC 189I - Graphite Shaft  Soft Regular  2.5°  70g  Mid High
 TFC 189I - Graphite Shaft  Regular  2.1°  74g  Mid
 TFC 189I - Graphite Shaft  Stiff  1.9°  86g  Mid
Ping i25 Iron Specs
 Club Loft Lie Offset Flex Length Bounce Swing Weight
 3 21° 59.25° .24" L, SR, R, S, XS 38.75" D0
 4 24° 60.00° .20" L, SR, R, S, XS 38.25" D0
 5 27° 60.75° .17" L, SR, R, S, XS 37.75" D0
30° 61.50° .13"  L, SR, R, S, XS 37.25" D0
33° 62.25° .10"  L, SR, R, S, XS 36.75" D0
 8 37° 63.00° .08" L, SR, R, S, XS 36.25" D0
 9 41° 63.75° .06" L, SR, R, S, XS 35.75" 10° D0
 PW 46° 64.00° .05" L, SR, R, S, XS 35.50" 12° D2
 UW 50° 64.00° .04" L, SR, R, S, XS 35.50" 13° D2
 SW 54° 64.25° .04" L, SR, R, S, XS 35.25" 14° D4
 LW 58° 64.50° .03" L, SR, R, S, XS 35.00" 13°  D6


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